One click.
No passwords.
The world's fastest checkout.

Forget passwords. Skip long entry forms. Shop online and securely check out with a single click. It’s safe, easy, and yep, fast.

Get fast for your business
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Check out faster than you can say “Fast Checkout”

No more resetting passwords or painstakingly typing in your billing and shipping address. Join people in 35 countries who are checking out with Faster.

All your purchases in one place

Manage all your Fast transactions in a single dashboard. Track shipments, handle returns, and reorder items — all with one click.

The easiest way to track packages

Package tracking is all over the place, so we’re fixing that. Fast Tracking lets you easily see when all your items will show up.

Less logging in, more checking out

No more unique logins or pAsSw0rds! With one click, Fast lets you securely log in, check out, and get on with your day.

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Folks are checking out Fast

Picture of Harry Hurst

Just made my first @fast order. Now I’m just upset that every store doesn’t have this yet. @domm let’s go!!!!

Harry Hurst


Picture of Holly Cardew

So I got a new laptop on the weekend and had to reset all my passwords. Two days later.. still resetting passwords. I need you, @fast

Holly Cardew


Picture of Hum

Finally took @fast checkout for a spin. After initial sign up, processed checkout in less than. 1 second. Implications for this tech is exponential. Excited to see what @domm and @abarrallen are building with this tech.



Picture of Stu Smith

Now that I can see the future with @Fast, I am 10X more frustrated with the status quo. The good thing is it seems like @domm and @abarrallen and their team work incredibly FAST, so that future will probably be here sooner than I think.

Stu Smith